Shatta Wale: I’m totally Shatta-ed over Captain Mahama’s death

He may have built a radical, wildman image in show business, his stage craft, occasional ‘beefing’ with rival artistes and music portraying personality not only his brand but also his off-da-chain personality.

But the gruesome murder of Captain Maxwell Mahama, last Monday hit Shatta Wale very hard that it immediately brought out his softer, emotional side which is hardly seen.

The horrific slaying in broad daylight at Denkyira Obuasi of the handsome soldier touched his very soul as the Dancehall King immediately released a very emotional song to pay his respect to a longtime friend.

Shatta Wale is noted for hitting the studios to compose songs in record time, and his tribute to Capt. Mahama a day after his murder was no surprise. But the lyrics, written by Benisah Saviour, questioned the moral uprightness and the love Ghanaians often profess to have for one another.

Shatta’s tribute, named “A Song for a Hero”, is the artiste’s fight for justice for his former schoolmate, as he spoke of his pain over the cold-blooded murder.

“If you got love in your heart, you no go do this,” sang a heartbroken Shatta Wale, who invoked God’s retribution for the perpetrators of the murder.
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Speaking on behalf of Shatta Wale, Chris Koney, a member of his mangement team told the Showbiz that the late Captain Mahama was an old friend the Taking Over singer has known since his school days.

He said Shatta Wale was touched by the gruesome manner life was snuffed out of his old friend and that dustardly act reminded him of his own ordeal in society.

“Here is a fine, innocent gentleman who was stoned by people who hardly knew him and for an alleged crime he did not commit.

“ The ordeal Capt Mahama went through is similar to what I go through in society. Where people who don’t know me well throw all manner of ‘stones’ at me for things I did not really do or say. That was one of my motivations for releasing that song,” he said.

“This is a sad day and we need to come together as a people to campaign against such mob justice and ensure justice for Captain Mahama,” Shatta added.

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